Monday, August 1, 2016

Dishwasher Helper

Beagles are opportunists. They are smart, funny, creatures of comfort, driven by smell and food, and they wait to capitalize on the perfect opportunity to get what it is they want. Take our Old Man Max for example, one can usually find him inconspicuously lounging around on the kitchen floor. Usually right beneath my feet either at the cutting board or to the left or right of the stove. He's waiting for something, anything to drop on the floor and then it shall be deemed his.

Wilson on the other hand, takes a more direct approach. When we sit down at the dinner table as a family to eat each night, Wilson will usually go take a nap in his bed. He starts to inch his way back toward the dining room once he hears chairs being pushed back, dishes and silverware clinking around in the sink, and then his cue . . . the dishwasher door snaps open! This is when he makes his move.

The ingenuity, focus, and sweet personalities make most beagles extremely dangerous creatures . . . They should all come with warning labels - 

CAUTION:  You will fall in love. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wilson Misses His Mommy!

It never fails, as soon as I step out of the house to run errands, go out to dinner or walk to the mailbox, my handsome (and very silly) hound Wilson, makes a scene. He howls at the top of his lungs a sad, sad song of missing his Mom. It's pitiful really. 

Wilson came to us via the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue back in December of 2013. He was a sweet, gentle, charismatic beagle back then and his howling routine was one of the things he showed off in the early days on the Dirty Dog Ranch.

He sings when a siren passes by, he sings when Mommy leaves the house, and he even sings in his sleep (a video I haven't captured yet) . . . all of our beagles on the DDR have quirks and particular traits, but Wilson is probably the most vocal. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wilson and the Chickens

Wilson is our most curious beagle. He's really the "welcome committee" around here. We just brought home these six cute little chicks (ranging from 4 - 8 weeks old), and he's been pacing outside of their coop ever since. I'm not so sure whether he just wants to meet them or EAT them? He sits out front of the coop almost all day long. 

This is Wilson's usual behavior whenever we meet a new critter. We've met turtles, cats, kittens and armadillos, and once he is able to meet them face to face, he's like "humphf, okay . . . that's it, on to the next thing." It's the not-knowing and the not being able to sniff it out that I think gets him worked up. 

The chicks have to stay in the coop until they're much bigger, but once they reach 24 weeks, we'll start to let them out to roam the Ranch. Hopefully, he'll have his fill by then? Who knows? This will be entertaining and I will keep y'all posted! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Max says, "Whassup?!"

Max and his Foxhound brother Rocco at the window one morning as walkers go by with another dog. Max begins to baroooo and shout out "whassup's and what are you doing on my lawn?" Our Old Man Max is the "Sarge" around here and nothing slips by why he's on watch!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Super Star Singer

Wilson is our resident loud mouth and super star singer. He often joins in to mimic when a siren is passing by. His friends like to sing backup for him . . . in this video is Kota, a Jack Russell / Dachshund mix (he comes to work every day on the Ranch) following Wilson around on the howl. In the background, perched on her lookout box is Ms. Starr (aka "Big Brown" - she also comes to work every day on the Dirty Dog Ranch). Ms. Starr is a Retriever / Shepard / Beast mix and is the Ranch's very own security, and she takes her job quite seriously. 

So that's all for now . . . you've met three of our dogs on The Dirty Dog Ranch in this video. There's plenty more to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Old Man Max

Max joined the Dirty Dog Ranch in 2008. He was introduced to us through the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue and it was love at first sight! Max has always been an eccentric, lone Tracker who loves a good scent trail. He'll track and barooo for hours if he gets on a good smell! When he's not tracking, you will find him sleeping in his favorite leather chair or stalking his Mom in the kitchen. His priorities are food, sleep, smells and love (in that order). Max is the elderly statesman here, and is known by many different names: Old Man, Sarge, Stinky, Monkey and just Max. At 14 years old, Max calls the shots and sets the pace. We love him dearly! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Beagle Buddies Forever

One of the beagle friends who visits the DDR often is Tucker the Lemon Beagle. Tucker brings a lot of young energy to the ranch the moment he enters the gate. He's a happy beagle kid who always wears a smile and bounces everywhere he goes. Tucker is a good time on four legs, looking for a good time around every corner. He loves to join in a good chase, a lizard hunt, a walk around the block and even joins Wilson in singing at the sirens. Tucker never misses out on the fun!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meet Wilson the Beagle

Wilson is a handsome fella and the DDR's resident Lizard Hunter. He loves to chase lizards and frogs, and will not stop until he catches one. Wilson loves to explore, go on long walks and sniff everything in his path. He's a lover of a comfy spot on the couch, a good snuggler, and makes us laugh every time he howls at the passing sirens. Like every beagle we've ever met, Wilson loves food. His favorite meal is sardines, but certainly not picky about anything in his bowl. If you like chunky hunks of beagle love . . . Wilson's it! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Welcome to the Dirty Dog Ranch

All dogs are welcome here on the Dirty Dog Ranch, but we have a little extra special place in our hearts and home for Beagles. Our hounds are happy, silly and mischievous 4-legged bundles of fun and we are absolutely addicted. 
We love beagle dogs!