Friday, May 27, 2016

Beagle Buddies Forever

One of the beagle friends who visits the DDR often is Tucker the Lemon Beagle. Tucker brings a lot of young energy to the ranch the moment he enters the gate. He's a happy beagle kid who always wears a smile and bounces everywhere he goes. Tucker is a good time on four legs, looking for a good time around every corner. He loves to join in a good chase, a lizard hunt, a walk around the block and even joins Wilson in singing at the sirens. Tucker never misses out on the fun!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meet Wilson the Beagle

Wilson is a handsome fella and the DDR's resident Lizard Hunter. He loves to chase lizards and frogs, and will not stop until he catches one. Wilson loves to explore, go on long walks and sniff everything in his path. He's a lover of a comfy spot on the couch, a good snuggler, and makes us laugh every time he howls at the passing sirens. Like every beagle we've ever met, Wilson loves food. His favorite meal is sardines, but certainly not picky about anything in his bowl. If you like chunky hunks of beagle love . . . Wilson's it! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Welcome to the Dirty Dog Ranch

All dogs are welcome here on the Dirty Dog Ranch, but we have a little extra special place in our hearts and home for Beagles. Our hounds are happy, silly and mischievous 4-legged bundles of fun and we are absolutely addicted. 
We love beagle dogs!