Welcome to the Dirty Dog Ranch

All dogs are welcome here on the Dirty Dog Ranch, but we have a little extra special place in our hearts and home for Beagles. Our hounds are happy, silly and mischievous 4-legged bundles of fun and we are absolutely addicted. 
We love beagle dogs!


  1. You may let them smell and greet each other by taking a stroll together in a public area. However, some safety measures are required. Different people should walk each dog while it is leashed. At first, you shouldn't allow them to walk too near to one another since the other dog's presence can make them feel intimidated. As soon as you notice tension developing between the dogs, separate them. It's time to bring the dogs home after they appear to get along well with one another.

  2. The wooden feeder is typically designed with raised platforms to hold the food and water bowls at a higher level. Elevating the bowls can make it more comfortable for the dog to eat and drink, especially for larger dogs or those with joint or neck issues. wood dog feeder


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