Wilson Misses His Mommy!

It never fails, as soon as I step out of the house to run errands, go out to dinner or walk to the mailbox, my handsome (and very silly) hound Wilson, makes a scene. He howls at the top of his lungs a sad, sad song of missing his Mom. It's pitiful really. 

Wilson came to us via the Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue back in December of 2013. He was a sweet, gentle, charismatic beagle back then and his howling routine was one of the things he showed off in the early days on the Dirty Dog Ranch.

He sings when a siren passes by, he sings when Mommy leaves the house, and he even sings in his sleep (a video I haven't captured yet) . . . all of our beagles on the DDR have quirks and particular traits, but Wilson is probably the most vocal.