Dishwasher Helper

Beagles are opportunists. They are smart, funny, creatures of comfort, driven by smell and food, and they wait to capitalize on the perfect opportunity to get what it is they want. Take our Old Man Max for example, one can usually find him inconspicuously lounging around on the kitchen floor. Usually right beneath my feet either at the cutting board or to the left or right of the stove. He's waiting for something, anything to drop on the floor and then it shall be deemed his.

Wilson on the other hand, takes a more direct approach. When we sit down at the dinner table as a family to eat each night, Wilson will usually go take a nap in his bed. He starts to inch his way back toward the dining room once he hears chairs being pushed back, dishes and silverware clinking around in the sink, and then his cue . . . the dishwasher door snaps open! This is when he makes his move.

The ingenuity, focus, and sweet personalities make most beagles extremely dangerous creatures . . . They should all come with warning labels - 

CAUTION:  You will fall in love.